5 Steps to Recover Your Nails After Using UV Gel

One of the latest beauty trends focuses on manicures. Our nails can now be longer, stronger, and maintain a neat appearance for longer periods, thanks to UV gel nail extensions. Additionally, a whole fashion trend around nails has emerged. A lady’s outfit is now incomplete without a matching manicure, often highlighting our style with the most creative and complex nail designs.


Like many young women, I am passionate about beautiful nails. Since I do not naturally have strong nails and have little time, I have used both artificial nail extensions and UV gel directly on my nails. I was a faithful user of this gel for over a year and a half. However, I reached a point where no matter what I did or how thick the gel was applied, it cracked, lifted, and eventually chipped off. I realized that the quality of my nails had deteriorated so much that they could no longer „bond” with the UV gel. Additionally, every maintenance session was uncomfortable due to the removal of poor-quality gel. I decided it was time for a break.


As I am convinced that many of you will face this problem at some point, I thought I would share the steps that helped me recover my nails in a reasonable time (3 months, in my opinion!):

  • Professional Removal: I did not remove the gel myself but had it done at a salon. The removal process involves filing and thinning the gel. It is not completely removed all at once to avoid damaging the fragile natural nail, which could break and cause injuries.
  • Semi-Permanent Manicure: For about a month, I opted for a semi-permanent manicure since natural nails do not look good right after gel removal. The polish I used at the salon, called Jessica, lasted about two weeks on the thin layer of gel. Polish lasts longer on UV gel because it creates a constantly dry film, which extends the polish’s life. Polish generally peels off due to water contact (and since we sweat through our nails, voila l’explication!).
  • Regular Trimming: I regularly trimmed my nails, about once a week, and filed them well. After a month, very little gel remained.
  • Effective Nail Treatment: Once there was only a small amount of UV gel left, I started using a product that worked wonders for me called Ecrinal, available as a lacquer or cream. The lacquer is water-based, so nails look more hydrated rather than having a classic transparent polish look. The product has a pleasant smell and is recommended for nail recovery, even for those affected by fungi. I used this product every evening, and within a month, my nails stopped cracking, exfoliating, and became stronger. I did not use additional products like castor oil or vitamin A (although they are beneficial). This product is available in pharmacies for under 50 RON (prices vary by pharmacy).

Maintaining Clean Nails: I keep my nails white and clean using baking soda and this product. I avoid using nail polishes, although I must admit it’s hard to resist


refacerea unghiilor dupa gelul UV

Nail Recovery After UV Gel


At some point, once I return to work, I will use UV gel again. For me, it’s a suitable option because it helps me save a lot of time. UV gel allows you to have beautiful nails for at least 2-3 weeks (after this period, the natural nail grows, and the difference between the natural nail and gel becomes visible), eliminating the need for frequent filing and polishing every two days.

Keep in mind that the recovery period for nails varies from person to person. Even when nails stop breaking and exfoliating, they may still be more elastic than usual for a while. It’s best to treat them until they regain their strength. I recommend taking a break of at least 3 months after using UV gel for a year, during which you should intensively treat your nails.

If you have had similar experiences and successfully treated your nails, or even if you haven’t, feel free to share your opinions in the comments section of this article.


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